Queen of the Dream (2016)

Video installation, 720p, 8:18 loop, dimension varies
Idea and realisation Przemyslaw Sanecki / 2015-16

Queen of the Dream maps reality of British politics into a world of dream and tries to debate a relationship between old political regimes and established technocracies.

Deep machine learning gained a substantial media attention. Most recently defeating top human players in an ancient game Go revived fears of creeping end of human supremacy. However, at the other end of the spectrum a pop culture is remaking the sixties as a result of Google's Deep Dream*.

Hippy aestheticism of images dreamed by machines obscures the fact that the very technologies are essential for ruling classes to maintain the current power balance. Cognitive technologies are a steam engine of the present, not blotters of LSD.
As for that, Queen of the Dream restores a counter-cultural potential of hallucinations.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeepDream

Acknowledgment: For the purpose of a non-commercial research, data mining and criticism the work utilises a fair amount of State Opening of Parliament 2015 by UK Parliament (Standard YouTube License)